Slash Guitar,Why do They Call Him The Bad Boy of Rock"N.Roll?

Slash Guitar-Guns"N"Roses

His stage name is Slash but his real name is Saul David he is the former lead guitarist for the heavy rock band Guns'' N” Roses.

Hmmm....I wonder if Slash has a clothing line like that other singing dude P.Diddy..Sean would make quite a fashion statement the dangling guitar,Tophat,coat, and cigarette...I'd buy it but I'd have a hard time buttoning the coat over my expanding belly.

Anyways, it seems Slash really does have a personal Appetite For Destruction which is also the name of Guns N Roses debut album. Which coincidentally is the best selling debut album of all time. With in excess of 28 million copies sold. Wow that s almost as many times as Donald Trump has said” You re Fired!” on The Apprentice.

And yes during his career slash has been known to indulge in a little smoke and brew and maybe even once in a while to appear intoxicated on stage.And why does he do that? Because he can that's why but hey, what do you expect he s a rock star not a choir boy.

OK. Let s get down to the meat and potatoes of the Slash guitar playing and what makes this dude a rock star and a guitar hero. For starters this man is a hard rock riff master listen to his guitar work in Novemember Rain or Welcome to the Jungle or the classic Sweet Child of Mine oh and also check out Paradise City.

He is basically self-taught and knows all the tricks such as the double stops played with the ring finger and all the pull-offs and hammer ons and his playing is also very legato or smooth.

So after playing with Guns N Roses from 1986 to 1995 and having had his fill of singer Axl Rose Slash became a very in demand session musician.

He has played on recordings with Michael Jackson,Stevie Wonder,Cheap Trick just to name a few plus a lot of other big name music acts. So after G”n”R the Slash guitar really made it's rounds in the music business.

He also had a band called Snakepit that contributed some songs to the soundtrack for the Quentin Tatantino movie “Jackie Brown.”

Slash has been associated with many bands,but lately he has been playing with his band Velvet Revolver. But since singer Scott Weilland has left the band.

Slash has been working on his solo album which will be coming out sometime in 2010. And rumor has it he will try and use a different singer on each song.Hmmm...I wonder if he s going to give Kermit the Frog a phone call or maybe me? I think probably not. But heck I sing better then Kermit the Frog. Oh..Did all you hard rock guys out there know that Saul David has his likeness and is a character on Guitar Hero 111..Legends of rock? The only place where my likeness and character is present is up on the bulletin boards of all the post offices across the country. I m joking again.

OK..I know you ve all been waiting with great anticipation for me to get to what kind of musical equipment he uses.Because you all want to sound like Slash right? Well don t forget the Top Hat and the dangling cigarette before you start. Saul David for his amplification uses vintage guitar amps such as the Marshall AC-30

Oh and another thing he plays only Marshall amps on stage,sometimes he' ll use Fender amps during recording sessions for certain effects. But he definetely likes the classic used guitar amps,and another 1st for Saul David is that he was the only musician to have the Marshall Corporation make a signature Amplifier for him The Marshall slash JCM 255SL. Neat huh? The slash guitar gets an amp endorsement.

And he also likes used Gibson guitars since his main live onstage guitar is a 1987 Les Paul Standard. But for recording he uses a 1959 Les Paul Standard copy since his days with Guns N Roses and Velvet Revolver.

The types of guitars he owns are quite varied since he's got over a 100 of them..gosh that s more guitars than the hairs that I ve got on my bald head. they range from Gibson Explorer to BC Rich to Fender.

OK I m wracking up the bad jokes here and that just about does it for our Slash discussions.

The last fact to know about Slash is that Time Magazine has named him #2 on their list of the 10 Greatest Electric Guitar Players of All Time.

And to end things off don't look for Axl Rose and Slash to be sharing a burger and a coke together and discussing some music any time soon, rumor has it that apparently they hate each other. Hmmm...sounds like me and my ex-girlfriend.

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