"Rock Guitar Over the Last 60 Years the Effects."

“Rock Guitar and its Role in The Revolution of Music From 1950's-2000's.”

Rock Guitar has played a very significant role in the development of R''n''R and pop music for the last 7 decades or so. And will continue to do so into the future.

Right from the early pioneering groups of the 1950's such as ''Buddy Holly and The Crickets,'' who were one of the 1st bands to play and write their own original music,to ''Bill Haley and The Comets,'' - listen to ''Rock Around the Clock'' for a great solo, and of course ''Elvis'' with the great rockabilly guitarist Scotty Moore,and later the legendary James Burton.

And then of course in the 1960's the Beatles arrived on the scene and everything changed.

But in the guitar universe one thing that has been a constant for the last 70 years or so in music Is that most musical groups have a guitarist in the band sometimes 2 or 3. The guitar is one of the main components in a band supplying the rhytmn as well as the lead. But it wasn't always that way.If we go back to the 1920's and 1930's.

Back in the early history of the guitar in the beginning of the swing music and big band era and of course country groups,it was pretty much considered a strict rhytmn instrument. That all changed of course with the advant of the pioneering virtuoso jazz players like Charlie Christian,Django Reinhardt, and Eddie Lang among others.

But we'll discuss the early pioneering instumentalists later on in the website.

For right now I want to discuss the role of rock guitar in music.

Without a doubt electric rock guitarists have been responsible for some of the most memorable moments in Rock “n “ Roll history and Rhytmn and Blues.Some of the most famous musical intros of all time have been played on the instrument.

For example....who hasn't heard the intro to “Smoke on the Water”,by “Deep Purple”, or the iconic “Johnny B Goode” by Chuck Berry. The list goes on and on....”Day Tripper”. “Stairway To Heaven”, “Satisfaction”etc...all rock anthems.

Now I know the mere mention of some of these song titles may have you rolling your eyes in your head. Because you've heard them more often than your wife screaming at you to “take out the garbage.”

But these songs have all achieved legendary status,and any rock guitarist worth his salt can reel these intros off right now.And all the future generations of young players coming up are going to study and copy every lick and nuance of these rock guitar classics forever.

I know that when I was learning guitar although barely literate and hardly able to add 2+2 together, I could absolutely whizz through the intro to “The Last Time” by “The Rolling Stones.” But if it was anything other than music I wasn't exactly an academic giant.But hey... I was a giant in my class 35 years old and in grade 7 and the tallest kid.

OK...back to our music tutorial. These rock guitar classic songs have all been played on the electric..And in my humble opinion the guitar is the most dominant,versatile premiere instrument in pop and rock music history. Gosh...that sounds like a biased statement coming from me,but it's a true statement.

When was the last time you heard a classic rock intro played on the Trombone or the Tuba? Are you stumped? Well... I can't think of any either. And you my friend the reader and fellow guitarists probably aspire and maybe perspire to play these rockin riffs yourself,and I'll bet you also want to create your own original rock intros and songs too...right? So how do you do this?

OK then...unless your last name is Hendrix, Lennon or McCartney and you can write fantastic songs in your sleep effortlessly.You are going to have to put in some serious study and work,for you to meet your musical aspirations.

I believe that for you to be able to write great original hooks and songs that you really have to immerse yourself in the study of all musical styles. And I mean rock,jazz,classical,country everything,and listen to all instruments as well as past and present guitarists.

By doing this you become a complete musician well versed well rounded and competent in many different musical genres and styles..

While you are doing this musical training I think at this point you put yourself in the frame of mind to write great original rock guitar riffs. Why? Because you've built the foundation and understand how music functions. Your mind is open,free,uncluttered and receptive to new musical ideas.

So how do you get to this exalted position in your music playing career? To do this we should go back and no...not back to the future.But back to study the most influencial guitarists from years gone by. The past is where you will find all the answers to your questions.

So in the next section we're going to discuss these legendary rock guitar players analyze techniques,playing styles,their influences and talk a bit about their backgrounds etc...

It doesn't matter if you're a rock guitarist or play folk acoustic guitar when we go back and study the master musicians of yesteryear,we are receiving the best guitar lessons in the world.

I'm going to point many things out to you in the following chapters and show you shortcuts and tricks that the top pros use,so that we can improve your efficientcy and get your chops up on the guitar in the shortest time-span possible.

But I just want to reiterate that I'm just your guide,and for you to improve, you are the one who must do the practice and the work to succeed. And become the player and rock guitarist you know you can be.

OK...are you ready? Well let's get started then.

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