" Learning Guitar Songs Without The Music,What's The Secret?"

“So How do You Learn Guitar Songs Without Having the Music,What's the Secret?”

Learning guitar songs without music there is no secret,but there are some tips and shortcuts to be aware of.

First off you cannot play a song without knowing the melody and the chords period. You have to know how the song goes.Unless of course you”re an extraordinairly gifted guitarist like Martin Taylor,Wes Montgomery,or Jimmy Bruno they'd all figure it out instantly on the spot.

But how does the average guitar player go about actually learning guitar songs,how do we work a song up?

Well...the 1st step is for you to realize that the song you are learning can be played in many different ways...you may work it up as a chord solo melody,or a single note melody,or maybe a combination of the two. Another very cool way to learn guitar songs songs is to try and play it like a piano player on the guitar.

A piano player would comp or play chords with his left hand,and then use his right hand to play the melody and fills simultaneously. If you want to hear the absolute master of this jazz guitar style of playing listen to “Lenny Breau”he sounds like 4 guitarists playing at once. He'll blow you away with his technique.

How the heck does he get that sound?...Very carefully...OK I'll explain his style in it's most basic simplified form. Lenny backs himself up playing 2 note tri-tones on the bass strings of the guitar using the thumb and 1st finger of the right hand while simultaneously playing the melody on the top strings with the 3rd and 4th fingers of his right or picking hand.

Here's a small example of how he gets these 3 note tritone chord voicings. Here's how Lenny would play an A7 chord.. left fingering hand.go to the 5th string 4th fret...1st finger.. and then.pluck with the thumb of the right hand...left hand 4th string 5th fret...2nd finger...pluck with the 1st finger of the right hand...left hand 1st string 5th fret 3rd finger...pluck with the 3rd finger of the right hand.

Use the thumb,1st,and 3rd fingers of the right picking hand simultaneously it's like you are forming a claw with your right hand,that's the correct form. And that's a very basic explanation of Lennys style there's alot more to him than that.Make sure you go to youtube and check him out.

Lenny Breau's method of learning guitar songs and playing by himself makes him sound like a full band he can make the most basic song sound like a million dollars.

Okay here's, another approach to take for learning guitar songs. It's also possible to play the song in little 2 note guitar voicings using the bass strings on the guitar and playing a melody on the higher strings which can be very effective. But these are just options the final choice is going to be up to you.

And you also have to consider the musical context under which you will be learning guitar songs and the musical circumstances under which you will be playing them. Will you play the song with a band,or solo,or with another chord instrument such as a piano,or another guitar?

The reason you have to consider this is because if you're going to play it with another guitar player or a piano player you don't want to be stepping on each others toes with respect to playing different chords on the same song. For example... maybe you've re-harmonized the song with some really hip jazz chords.

So what I'm saying is if you go in without rehearsing this version with the piano player you'll totally loose him in the song and then maybe he won't be your best friend anymore, because you've hurt his musical feelings....just joking. But if you're using music charts there should be no problem.If not make sure your fellow musicians know what your doing before hand.

But what if I'm learning guitar songs and it's a brand new popular song I've never played before what are the first steps I take to learn it in the fastest shortest amount of time on the guitar.

Okay...here's what you do. Get a good instrumental solo recording of the song by a top-player if you can. Why a solo recording? Because that player is going to be covering chords,melody,and probably some bass all in unison in his solo rendition. This will give you an excellent overall musical view and construction of the song.

This solo rendition is also going to give you the song stripped down to it's bare basics. It won't be cluttered up and mixed with vocals drums and keyboards and other backing instruments. Now that being said when learning guitar songs also try and get the solo rendition on piano. Because it will give you a different instrument, flavour and new perspective on the song.

If you can't find the solo version go with a band arrangement,because that will also give you a different texture as well.You'll be able to hear the bass and all the backing chords behind the lead instrument as well.

And once you've learned the song if you really want to expand your knowledge try plaing it in different keys. Doing this will help to greatly improve your understanding of the fretboard.

Remember we want to improve your guitar playing always listen to musicians who play alot better than you.Challenge and push yourself,listen to the best,that's how you learn. And also try to join a band that has better musicians than yourself in it. This is how you grow and mature as a musician.So always keep an open mind and be on the lookout for these opportunities.

So don't live in a vacumn,get out and experience the musical world around you. It's to your benefit and development.

Okay I want to wrap this section up with this observation about learning guitar songs.

Don't ever think for 1 second that you must be totally original in your playing and thinking and that you must never copy anyone. If you think like this you'll be doing yourself a huge disservice,and you will seriously hamper and damage your growth as a musician.

If the greatest genius musicians in the world all have their idols and guys that they try to sound like, emulate,and also copy their playing styles,how do you think they got to be genius musicians? And no... The Magic Princess Fairy didn't wave a magic wand over their heads. These players have studied years and worked their asses off and also listened to tons of musicians play.

And you can bet your sweet bottom they copied lots and lots of different players and eventually developed their own styles and so will you by taking exactly the same approach. So don't try and develop new rules don't deviate from what has worked for generations of musicians. Open up your ears and listen and learn.

Because you want to be the best that you can be right? And you can do it,just remember that becoming a great musician is a slow steady process that you work at daily to perfect. You are not going to learn this overnight or in a month. There's no time saving miracles.You've got to have the drive,dedication,proper study methods, and put the time and effort into your musical craft.

And if you do this you will see amazing positive results in your guitar playing. This will be a real inspiring confidence booster for you and as you get better each day.Keep this thought in mind. In music you get out of it what you put into it.

And that is how you go about learning guitar songs.


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