Eric Clapton Guitar of a Timeless Legend.

Eric Clapton Guitar-Cream

"Eric Claptons Music Makes Him The King of Rockin Blues"

Eric Clapton is the former lead player for the legendary band Cream and the man who brought a heavy dose of Blues and Rock to the music of the 1960 s.

He became famous for his amazing prowess and sound on the electric..

He was so incredible that during the mid-1960's he had bestowed upon him the famous monikers of Clapton Is God and Slowhand. friends used to call me”Slowhead” but that's better than what they first called me which was Shi*head...just joking.

Erics nickname Slowhand came about because whenever he would break a string while playing onstage he would stay onstage to change it,and while tuning the crowd would give him a slow handclap. So it became a play on words Slowhand.

He has played with many famous musicians and has been a member of famous bands such as Derek and the Dominoes,The Yardbyrds,and The Bluesbreakers.

Also Eric Clapton has played on numerous other bands hit records for example he played lead on While My Guitar Gently Weeps by George Harrison and The Beatles and besides being a fantastic in demand musician he,s also a great singer. But probably the most popular band he played in was Cream in the mid 1960's when they had their huge hit records such as Crossroads,Sunshine of your Love,and WhiteRoom.

Erics songwriting skills are also very prolific. He has written numerous hit songs of his own and he has also written title songs for Motion Picture soundtracks but alas no...he didn't write the theme for the movie George of the Jungle...oh gosh darn it!

How did Eric Clapton learn to play electric you ask? Though he is a great rock player his roots are firmly in the blues,the way he phrases is very blues oriented. He is very heavely influenced by the early blues of Robert Johnson,as well as Buddy Guy and Buddy Holly.

Eric Clapton is one of the most revered and famous axe players of all time. So if you really want to learn how to play blues just listen to Eric.His playing is very influential and his licks are copied by countless imitators.

OK so lets talk a little about the models Eric plays and no I'm pretty sure he doesn't play any guitar hero 2 or anything from that song list.

He has played Gibsons and Fenders...and also has a fender model named after him the Eric Clapton well as some signature model Martin Acoustic Guitars..Models 000-28 +00042EC.

If you want to sound like Eric In order to replicate the famous Clapton tone from the mid to late 1960's he used a Gibson SG solidbody and a Marshall Tube Valve Amplifier. And I've heard he turned the tone all the way down on the instrument.

But it may be easier to uncover some state secrets than it is to get that identical Clapton tone. I don t think anybody knows for sure how to get that tone except Eric Clapton. But one thing I know for sure is that he's not returning my phone calls. So all you aspiring guitar pickers check out his playing on youtube.

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