"The Carlos Santana Guitar Has been a Fan Favorite for Over 40 Years, Want to Know Why?"

Carlos Santana Guitar-Santana

Carlos Santana is the former lead guitarist of the rock,salsa,jazz fusion band Santana originally from San francisco who became famous in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

And no don,t get him confused with the Mexican General dude who stormed the Alamo in the 1800s in Texas. Although maybe they were hiding some rare guitars in there. And no he is not the dude who invented the guitar I think that was actually an Italian guy back in the 1700 s.

But Carlos Santana is the blues based guitarist who has enjoyed a huge resurgance of fame since the year 2000. And the release of his hugely sucessful supernatural CD. Which contained the massive hit song Smooth with Rob Thomas singing and a great example of the Carlos Santana guitar.

Man..Santana is even featured as a playable character on Guitar Hero 5..you know you ve made it when you re featured on the Guitar Hero game.

As of 2009 Carlos Santana Guitar has a steady gig at the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas that's right Sin City Gosh I.Hope Carlos doesn't have a gambling problem playing craps or poker everynight after the gig or he might wind up having to get a day job as well as having to play electric guitar at night.

Those Vegas money guys have no sense of humor when it comes to gambling and owing money.

There's nobody that gets that trademark smooth singing glass like guitar tone that Carlos gets.

It's his bread and butter guitar stylings that have got him where he is today in the top echelon of guitarists. Geez it's more like steak and caviar and champagne for him now. Carlos probably has a private jet to transport his guitars around now, unlike the old days.

How does he get that electric guitar tone on those guitar solos and what kind of guitar techniques does he use? I thought you d never ask let s talk a bit about it.

OK..his tone is partly achieved by his amp setup which uses a customized Jim Dunlop amp switcher that goes thru a Mesa Boogie amp with different speaker set ups such as ,Altec,JBL, or Celestion depending on the sound he wants.

As for his guitars Carlos has played a Gibson SG Special,and he used to play a Yamaha SG 175B and sometimes a Gibson SG Custom .But he is currently using a custom made PRS Santana ll guitar constructed out of a single solid piece of Brazilian Rosewood.

And as you know a guitar like that would cost mega-bucks.It's probably free for Carlos since it's named after him. Nice huh? And that really is the Carlos Santana Guitar my friends...gosh I sound almost like John McClain talking there.

So all you have to do is become famous and then they'll name a guitar after you. But just make sure it's for playing the guitar and not robbing banks to get the money to buy these expensive guitars.

Now about his guitar techniques alot of his guitar runs are based off of minor scales,dorian mode,mixolidian mode etc..( OK I told you I wouldn't include too much music theory on here..but dorian means to play a major scale starting on the 2nd degree or note...

Exp a G major scale starting on the A note. Mixolidian means start on the 5th degree or note..Exp for a Gmajor scale start on the 5th or D note. There you are got that.)...and of course Mr Santana knows all the guitar tricks. The unison bends,pull offs,slurs,hammer ons, Trills,string sweeping etc...plus probably a few I don t know about. But you ll get the idea by listening to him.

And lastly Rolling Stone magazine has the Carlos Santana Guitar at #15 on their list of the 100 greatest guitar players of all time. I just want to say one more thing to you about Carlos and these other famous rock players.

On the rock guitar page I told you to listen to all types of music to become a versatile musician. Don”t think for one second that these famous electric rock players haven't been influenced by other musical genres.

For example...some of the modern rock licks you hear being played today are variations or hybrids of be-bop licks that we're played by Chalie Christian and Django Rheinhardt 80 years ago.

So that's how important it is to for you to listen to everything to develop your personal guitar style.

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