Eddie Van Halen Guitar Style- A Hard Rock Master and The Fastest Fingers in The West.

The Eddie Van Halen guitar sound is the dominant force in the rock band Van Halen which is named after him and his brother Alex the band formed in Pasadena CA in 1972. Eddie Van Halen or EVH is an absolute master of hard rock,heavy metal, and pop guitar.

EVH is also a master of artificial,natural, pinch harmonics, and the two-handed tapping method on the guitar and is also recognised as one of the most influential guitatist of the 20th century.

In my humble opion the Eddie Van Halen guitar playing style and the sound he gets make him the best in the music business as far as I'm concerned.

When it comes to playing hard rock and heavy metal guitar EVH is the man. Listen to his guitar solos on “Eruption”,”Beat it”,”Hot For Teacher,” “Panama,” as a matter of fact just listen to any of his stuff.

The Eddie Van Halen guitar sound incorporates lots of power chords and of course the famous two-handed tapping technique,whammy bar,and great rhytmnic feel.Listen to “Finish What You Started” off the OU812 album . EVH has it all he's the whole package.

The Eddie Van Halen guitar style is most famous for his amazing two-handed tapping technique which uses both the left and right hands on the guitar neck. Every little kid that can hold a guitar is copying this as well as some big kids too.

I was just thinking...wouldn't it be great to have EVH at your next campfire and have him sitting around with an old acoustic guitar maybe playing “Home on The Range” that would be quite unique. Maybe a new career move for him “Eddie Van Halen Campfire Guitarist” for hire at your next barbecue or campfire...hmmm...but somehow I don't think it's going to happen...oh well!

How does Eddie Van Halen guitar god do it? ...Very Carefully! I.ll give you a very basic short explanation on two-handed tapping. Let's use a Cmin chord on the 3 fret as an example to tap on. OK you”re going to use both hands on the guitar fingerboard.

Place your right hand 1st finger on the guitar fretboard, the right hand 1st finger will do all the plucking and tapping.

OK...here we go...with the left hand 1st finger hold down the C note on the 2nd string 1st fret now pluck and hammer on the C note on the guitar fingerboard with your 1st finger of your right hand at the 6th fret...while holding down the C note... then with your left hand 4th finger hammer on the Eb note 2nd string 4th fret...now tap or hammer on the G note...2nd string 8 fret with your 1st finger right hand...then pull off with the left hand pinky while holding down the C note and hammering on Eb then repeat.

Wow...thats a mouthful it's actually a lot easier to play than it is to explain it.

Although EVH did'nt invent two-handed tapping he has taken it to a whole new level. It has become part of the Eddie Van Halen guitar style legend. Watch Mr. Van Halen do this tapping on youtube. You'll notice he has incredibly fast fingers on both hands.

His fast fingers would also come in real handy for him to count the money...you know the endless stacks of $100 bills after a Van Halen rock concert. Those fingers would also be great for stealing cookies out of the cookie jar without anyone seeing you.Don”t you think?

The Eddie Van Halen guitar style has been a major inspiration for generations of young rock guitarists and he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of fame in 2007.

So who were some of EVH's guitar influences? The major ones are...Brian May,Eric Clapton,Allan Holdsworth,Jimmy Page, and Ronnie Montrose...Oh...and contrary to popular belief Eddie never took any Flamenco guitar lessons...just kidding.

And lastly to achieve tha Eddie Van Halen guitar sound Eddie built his famous Frankenstrat guitar himself using a Boogie Bodies neck and body and modifying just about everything on it.And for amplification in the early years he used a 100 watt marshall.

As of 2007 EVH has worked in conjunction with Fender to produce the “EVH Wolfgang Guitar” which is named after his son Wolfgang...Of course if you buy one of these there's no guarantee you'll start to sound like Van Halen....but on the other hand you'll spend money like your EVH because these guitars cost a pretty penny and are exspensive.

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