Steven King Acoustic Guitar Master,Specializing In All Styles Of Music.

Steven King is an American musician who plays fingerstyle solo guitar. And he can play anything and everything unbelievably well,in all styles of music. And yes...that also includes the use of power chords if need be. I've never heard a more versatile guitarist than this man. SK is a monster guitar player.

Don't get him confused with the famous horror novel writer of the same name whom also plays guitar. The latter has a p in the middle of his first name. Their miles apart in guitar playing, also the latter could not hold a candle to the former in terms of guitar expertise.(and probably vice versa in writing novels.)

Steven King is a guitar educator,,band leader,solo guitar performer, composer,he runs a guitar college,guitar online,guitar clinic, etc... anything having to do with guitar he does it.

SK won the 1994 American fingerpicking championship which is held every year in Winifield,Kansas. The best players in the world come to compete in this event. That will give you an idea of how good SK plays the guitar... he took home all the marbles that year and also got a sponsorship deal to represent Taylor Guitars...sweet huh?.

He goes by the moniker king of guitar which is also his website name.

If you want to learn fingerstyle guitar Steven is the King...(sorry for the pun,) or master. He plays fantastic,Jazz Standards,Beatles,TV Themes, Classical, Xmas,Rock, just about everything. And he sounds like 4 guys playing at once. Steven King never overdubs on his instructional Guitar Video's, CD's, and DVD's This man plays red-hot solo acoustic guitar.

The only small added effect he has on his electric acoustic guitar is a small microphone mounted under the Bass strings to increase the volume of the Guitar Bass notes. SK calls this “Expanded Bass.”

Steven King is also a great solo chord melody player. He also makes extensive use of doublestops in some of his playing. One simple technique that he uses quite frequently in his fingerstyle guitar tabs, and recordings is that he arpegiates harmonics over simple chords. You can incorporate this technique into your guitar playing too,here's how SK does it.

For example...he'll play a G harmonic arpegio on the bottom of the 12th fret. Lay your left hand 3rd finger very lighty across the top of the 5th,4th,3rd, and 2nd strings,don't push the strings down you want to create the bell sounds of the harmonics. Play those 4 string natural harmonics separately from the 5th string down to the 2nd string, then with your 1st finger play the A note natural harmonic at the 7th fret 4th string, then with your 4th finger play the G note natural harmonic at the 12th fret 3rd string.

Here's another cool natural harmonics trick similar to what Steven King might do. Also in the key of G major.

Pluck all these 2 note natural harmonics together with the 1st and 2nd fingers of your right hand:

Pluck the B and G note harmonics together with your 1st finger at the 5th fret 2nd and 3rd strings, then the D and G notes with your 1st finger at the 5th fret

3rd and 4th strings, now the E and A notes with your 3rd finger at the 7th fret 5th and 4th strings, now the D and G notes with your 3rd finger at the 12th fret 4th and 3rd strings, now the G and B notes with your 3rd finger at the 12th fret 3rd and 2nd strings.

SK will sometimes play artificial harmonics over closed chord voicings too,depending on the musical situation and the effect he wants.

Now,we'll talk a bit about SK's fine guitar teaching material. All of the Steven King guitar instruction materials are top-notch including his Beatles guitar tabs, CD's, fingerstyle guitar tabs, and the Steven King Book.

So,if you've never heard the “King of Guitar” play...and don't mix him up with the “King of RnR” that was “Elvis.” I suggest you check him out on YouTube you're in for a king-sized listening treat. For a real finger-twister listen to his version of "Tico Tico," it'll have you scratching your head saying "how the heck did he do that?" SK definitely plays a smokin guitar.

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