The Lindsey Buckingham Guitar Sound Means There's No "Rumours" About Fleetwood Mac Not Being Superstars Of Rock.

The Lindsey Buckingham guitar style has him as the lead fingerstyle instrumentalist for the band “Fleetwood Mac” and also one of the three main songwriters in the band.

He is hugely responsible for the “Rumours” album one of the biggest selling albums of all time. As of 2009 it has sold over 40 million copies worldwide...Holy cow... can you imagine how many scarves and Top-Hats lead singer Stevie Nicks can buy with the royalties from that one album.

Just about every song on the “Rumours” soundtrack is a rock radio staple and has been for decades.All you guitarists out there have heard the songs...”Don't Stop”... “You Make Lovin Fun”, “Go your Own Way,”and the gorgeous “Never Goin Back Again” the latter two were written by Lindsey. Mr. Buckingham has tons of recording and studio experience and is a gifted songwriter so he definetely knows how to craft a pop or rock melody highlighted by his work on “Rumours.”

OK...So lets talk about the Lindsey Buckingham guitar stylings...this man has a very interesting playing style.Lindsey isn't a flashy hard rock guitarist but he does play rock.His fingerstyle leads sound almost classical at times and some of his stuff sounds almost country with a hint of ragtime guitar thrown in with his use of open-string guitar licks.And since he doesn't use a guitar pick he gets a unique sound and tone.

Overall I would classify the Lindsey Buckingham guitar sound as an amalgamation of various styles...and no I didn't say hodge-podge...make no mistake about it Lindsey is a very advanced player and extremely good at what he does.

Listen to the song “Big Big Love” off the Fleetwood Mac “Tango in The Night” Album...incredible fingerstyle guitar work from Mr. Buckingham...just sounds great and not real easy to play I might add.

The Lindsey Buckingham guitar stylings with Fleetwood Mac have been a staple on rock radio for the past 35 years or so....gosh has it been that long that we've been listening to his tasty guitar riffs on great songs like the Cristine McVie “Say You Love Me?” And this song really showcases some of Lindseys sort of country rock influences,check out his tasty guitar work in the middle of it.

Now...I don't know about you guys...but I've always loved the Lindsey Buckingham guitar sound on the Fleetwood Mac “Tusk” LP...You remember “Tusk” with the “Marching Band” in the middle of the video. Gosh....I wonder how long it took Lindsey to teach those marching dudes and dudettes to play and march in a circle at the same time....maybe it was part of the video budget. Or maybe they did it for free because they all were fans of Fleetwood Mac.

Following “Rumours was “Tusk” which was largely a Lindsey Buckingham undertaking and of course it didn't sell a bizillion copies like “Rumours” did so the band's record company deemed it a failure and layed the blame square on Lindsey's then maybe Lindsey went home and beat up his dog...or his pet turtle..I don”t know...but I like the song Tusk and the whole album myself personally and the Stevie Nicks song “Sara.”

The Lindsey Buckingham guitar sound that we know and love today is due to his early personal musical influences which were largely “The Beach Boys” and “The Kingston Trio”...And like I said earlier Mr.Buckingham really knows his way around a recording studio. He is also a producer and has put out 5 solo albums of his own original songs and I hear that he also has a large home recording studio,but he never invites me over to see it so I'm just going by what I hear.

Being a prolific songwriter Mr. Buckingham has also written original songs for Hollywood Movies. He wrote 2 songs “Holiday Road,” and “Dancin Across the USA” for the movie “National Lampoons Vacation.” And he also wrote “Time Bomb Town” for the movie “Back to The Future.”

Now here's the moment you guitar fanatics have all been waiting more suspense...How is the Lindsey Buckingham guitar sound achieved?...Lindsey has played various guitars...He's played a

Les Paul and a Fender Telecaster and of course being a millionaire he could play any type of guitar he wants.

But his main axe that he uses with Fleetwood Mac and for his solo career was created when he worked in conjunction with Rick Turner owner of “Renaissance Guitar” to create the “Model One” which is now his main guitar. This was evidenced by its use on his first solo album “Law and Order.” And besides guitar Lindsey also plays Drums,Bass, and Keyboards.

And I should add that even though Fleetwood Mac are all now probably collecting their old age pension checks every month,the band is famous for having one of the best Rhytmn sections in rock.With Mick Fleetwood on drums and John McVie on bass. And Lindsey realises what good musicians they are and sometimes uses their playing talents on some of his solo albums. So even after all the well-publiced inner turmoil with-in the band and them not getting along individually they still want to play music together on other projects. Which is kind of neat.

But Gosh...I just hope that when Lindsey has McVie and Fleetwood over to his house to help him record his solo projects, I hope he pays them better than the absolute minimum scale wage for a musician....You know maybe he could pay for their gas to get over there....spring for a couple of beers,maybe some sandwiches etc.. Just wondering....because you might want them to come back again for future projects,right? end off our discussion about the Lindsey Buckingham guitar sound there is a sample of his guitar playing style with the Rhiannon intro on “Classic Rock Guitar Intros Vol # 4” on the Eric Clapton page. Return From Lindsey Buckingham Guitar to Electic-Guitar-Junkie Home