Keith Richards Guitar Sounds Have Given The Stones "Satisfaction" For Almost 5 Decades.

The Keith Richards guitar sound is probably the main reason The Rolling Stones are still together. He is a founding member of “The Stones” who are one of the very few superstar bands from the 1960's. Who are still in existance and still recording.They've had an amazing incredible music career.

They are known as the “Worlds Greatest Rock”n”Roll Band”...Geez...who comes up with these names some guy who worked promotions for the circus?...But anyways....The Keith Richards guitar stylings are famous for his inovative rhythm guitar playing interspersed with lead guitar playing as well.And Keith along with MickJagger are the songwriters in the band too. Ever heard of “Satisfaction”,”Wild Horses”,”Angie”...the list of hits goes on and on and Keith has written a million of em....OK...maybe not a million,but it seems like it. And I”m sure his bank account reflects it.

And about Keith Richards songwriting a musician friend of mine said...”Yeah he's written alot of hits.... but he's been writing the same song over and over again for the last 45 yrs.”....I think he's just jealous of Keith.And besides Keith hasn't written the same song over and over again for 45 yrs.....he's changed the words in each song.....I'm just joking....I'm a big fan of the Keith Richards guitar playing. Just keep him away from the drugs....joking again....Keith has been clean and sober for years and is the well-respected elder statesman of Rock”n”Roll.

And he really has a unique guitar style,a great rhythm,and great feel. In the early days of The Stones after the declining mental state of Stones Lead Guitarist Brian Jones left him less able to contribute to the band. Keith is credited with most of the recorded guitar parts,including slide,rhytmn,and Lead guitar etc...Another thing that makes Keith unique as a rhythm guitarist is that he uses open string tunings as well as standard tunings for some of his guitar intros. Songs like “Street Fighting Man,””Brown Sugar,” have a variation on the open G tuning of GDGBE with no bottom 6 string that's why those Stones guitar intros get that open string ringing sound.

Keith Richards guitar stylings are also credited with writing some of the most famous songs in rock history. “Start Me Up”,”Honky Tonk Woman”,”Jumpin Jack Flash” and that's just the tip of the iceburg And also how cool is it to have Johnny Depp guitarist as your friend...I just wish Keith would start answering some of the letters I send him....I'm joking...everyone that knows me says I'm barely literate and couldn”t write a letter to save my life.

OK...lets get into some of the Keith Richards guitar've all heard The Stones old hits songs like “Happy”...which Keith sings,”Sympathy For The Devil,”etc... but I'm going to teach you the intro to an old Stones classic called “The Last Time” in the key of E....The back up chords are in 4/4 time... 1 bar of E Maj...2 beats on D Maj...2 beats on A Maj....repeat.... this is kind of a two-part thing with the left and right hand working in unison.

To make this intro sound real full we're going to fingerpick with our right picking the open E or 6th string at the same time use the 1st finger to hit the 3rd string and the 2nd finger to hit the 2nd string...

Now...the left fingering hand... while plucking the open 6th string E with the right hand slide the 3rd finger up to the B note 4th fret 3rd the same time the 2nd finger goes to the D note 2nd string 3rd fret...then pluck the B note again...then the open E or 1st string...then fingerpick the open D chord 2nd fret and the open A chord 2nd fret...then repeat.Make sure to let the open D string and open A string ring on the D and A chords.

It's kind of hard to explain it in print,but listen to the recording and you'll get the idea. get that Keith Richards guitar sound he has a variety of different guitars reputedly over 1000 of them...

Keiths choices in guitars runs the gamut...and no that's not pirate talk from his movie star role with Johnny Depp...Keith has Gibson Les Paul...ES-355s,Epiphone Casino to Fender Telecasters.

For amplification Keith has played through Mesa Boogie Mark 1 A804,and a variety of Fender Twins.

Keith was ranked no #10 in 2003 on Rolling Stone Magazines “100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time.” And he certainly has influenced generations of up and coming musicians. The Keith Richards guitar stylings and the way he plays lead were greatly influenced by listening to Chuck Berry,Scotty Moore. Also when he was a kid he listened to the music of Louis Armstrong,Billie Holiday, and Duke Ellington.

But he is also influenced by Country Music this is evidenced by the many country influenced recordings The Stones have released over their career....I guess “Brown Sugar” wouldn't fall into that category though, and speaking of songs that Keith Richards has Written....He has 14 entries in Rolling Stone magazines “The 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time.” That's quite an accomplishment considering that there was a point in Mr. Richards career when he wouldn't have been able to even count to 500...just joking again.

The amazing Keith Richards who was born in England on Dec 18,1943 also plays Bass guitar and Keyboards every once in a while in between writing hit records.

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