The Jimmy Page Guitar Sound Gave Led Zeppelin Their "Stairway To Heaven."

The Jimmy Page guitar sound drove the legendary Band Led Zeppelin and propelled them into becoming one ot the most influential,the most widely imitated,and one of the biggest selling most popular music acts of all time. And also winning all kinds of music industry awards.

Also many musicians consider them to be the ForeFathers of Heavy if you look in the dictionary under “Rock Star” You should see a picture of Jimmy Page. And he is a heavy rock blues guitar God.

He is also the songwriter and composer of the megahit 'Stairway to Heaven' one of the biggest rock anthems of all time. Did you also know that 'Stairway' is the biggest selling singlepiece of sheet music ever? Another fact as of the year 2000 this song had been broadcast on radio over 3 million times. Gosh... that's alot...3 million times that's more licks than most rock guitar players in a garage band know.

The Jimmy Page guitar stylings and sound have been copied and imitated worldwide by just about every kid who calls himself a rock guitarist....and also some that don't.

So Jimmy Page is the founding member of Led Zeppelin who were formed in England in 1968...the other members were Robert Plant..Vocals...John Bonham...Drums... John Paul Jones...Bass and Keyboards...These guys all played great...and Plant sang his ass off,an amazing rock vocalist.Hmmm....but I wonder how he would do with some church sunday school hymns?

The Jimmy Page guitar sound has been around for a long time he had done lots of session work before forming Zeppelin,with 1960's acts like “Hermans Hermits” and “Donovan” etc... Music History Lesson time guys...You younger guitarists out there will have go on the internet and look those guys up.

Some music and guitar magazines have rated Jimmy Page's guitar solo on 'Stairway' as no#1 on the 100 Greatest solos in Rock and Roll history. WOW! Jimmy's so popular maybe he should run for office or politics...Hmmm...well on second thought maybe not...why would you want to go from being loved around the world...then becoming a guitar playing politician and being hated around the world.

But back to the Jimmy Page guitar sound...Jimmy's rock and blues style have influenced countless rock guitar players from the late 1960's to present day. And Rolling Stone magazine has him at #9 on the 100 greatest guitar players of all time.

Jimmy Page is a very innovative electric guitar player his early influences were Rockabilly guitar players such as James Burton and Scotty Moore who both played for Elvis. The Jimmy Page guitar style is sort of a mixture between Rock and Blues,and he also plays great acoustic guitar.

Jimmy also sometimes plays a double-necked Gibson guitar EDS-1275 which has 12 strings and 6 strings which he uses on “Stairway” in concert and sometimes plays the guitar using a violin bow.

And no he doesn't play violin...unless he secretly plays it in a country band at the local legion on the weekends,but I haven't heard anything about that...I can't really picture it, but he does sometimes play pedal steel guitar and slide guitar.

Jimmy's a real great rock player, check out his guitar solo on 'Whole Lotta Love' it really rocks. Though Jimmy Page loves Les Pauls and Telecasters, he is also a guitar collector and is reputed to own over 1500 guitars. Gosh... I wonder if he wakes up in the morning and has a hard time deciding which one to play...Ya think? Wouldn't he have to have a small warehouse just to hold the guitar straps for that many guitars?

Jimmy is also known for his inovative Music Production Techniques as a producer and as a member of Led Zeppelin he developed different ways of using the microphone and amplier in different applications to capture a bands ambient sound or the effect of a note's time lag from one end of the room to the other...Gosh...sounds pretty high-tech to me.

Oh Well...but at least the intro to “Stairway To Heaven” is easy to play...are you ready lets all go to the 5th fret and fingerpick that famous 4 note Am Chord...1st finger barring the 1,2,and 3rd strings at the 5th your 3rd finger on the A note...4th string...7th drop the 3rd finger down 1st fret to the G#note...that gives you an augmented drop it down again...but bar the 1,2,3,4th strings with the 1st finger at the 5th fret adding the C note with the 4th finger at the 8th fret 1st string...that gives you a C play the D chord on the 2nd fret but make sure you have the F# note...played with the 3rd finger 4th string...4th fret in the's a quick change between the C chord and the D chord so you may have to practice it a few times now go to the Fmaj7 on the 1st fret...then a quick an Am.

So basically the whole essence of the song intro is dropping the 4th string a half-tone or 1 fret at a time. And making sure we get A,G#,G,F#,and F all in the bass notes on the 4th string...Well there you are,do you feel better now? hopefully you can play that intro too...then you can drive everybody crazy in music stores with it when you go to buy your new guitar.

It is argueably one of the world's most famous guitar intros of all time. I personally,like the intro even after a million listens. Now were all starting to get to get that Jimmy Page guitar feel in us.

The Jimmy Page guitar sound and Led Zeppelin are famous around the world for their real heavy rock sound,but alot of you younger players may not realize how versatile and diverse the band was...because they also did lots of kool acoustic guitar songs too.Check out the Led Zeppelin LP's 1-1V...actually get all of their studio LP's.

OK...I'm going to wrap this Jimmy Page guitar discussion up by saying,Mr Page and Led Zeppelin were one of the 1st bands to never put out a 45 single recording. Everything was only available on LP's...and they really pushed the concept of “Arena Rock” which is so common today.But let's give credit where it is due...Led Zeppelin

Manager Peter Grant was the marketing genius behind the band.And was the savy guru responsible for alot of their success. And the band loved him...look at all the money they made.

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