The Jimi Hendrix Guitar Sound,"Want To Know Why He Was The Greatest Of All Time?"

The Jimi Hendrix guitar stylings have made him an American Guitar Playing Icon. This guy could give master classes on how to play rock and blues and R+B guitar. But you wouldn't want to take any lifestyle classes off of him, Jimi led a decadent know with the booze,the drugs,and the women...but gosh...isn't that what rock stars do? Isn't that why they become famous? OK,so... he wasn't exactly a poster boy for clean decent healthy moral living...He could still play the living daylights out of the guitar.

And hey.... you don't get to be a world famous rock star and one of the most beloved electric guitarists of all time without stepping on a few toes,right?

The Jimi Hendrix guitar stylings have made him considered to be the greatest electric guitar player in rock history by other musicians and people in the music industry.

Did you know that Rolling Stone Magazine has Jimi at #1 on their list of the greatest guitarists of all time in 2003? So that makes him the king of the guitar players universe.

Geez....that's pretty lofty heights being no #1 and the greatest. The only thing I'm #1 at is being at the dinner table before anyone else.

You my mind the Jimi Hendrix guitar sound is unique and it sets him apart from everyone else. With his influences of R+B,rock and blues he just played such incredibly tasty unique sounding licks.That's why guitarists are still imitating his sound 40 years after his death.

But don't think that Jimi just fell out of bed one day and suddenly became a fantastic revolutionary,no...only in magic pixie tinkerbell fairyland does that happen...Jimi paid his dues...he had all kinds of previous musical playing experience.He played in lots of bands...including “Little Richard” “The Isley Brothers” and “Ike and Tina Turner” among others.

The Jimi Hendrix guitar legend actually got it's big break when Chas Chandler the Bass Player for “Eric Burden and The Animals” took Jimi to London,England. That's where his band “The Jimi Hendrix Experience was formed with English Musicians...Noel Redding on Bass and Mitch Mitchell on drums.

Their 1st recording was “Hey Joe” and it became a hit in England,and through playing around London Jimi got to know Eric Clapton,Jeff Beck,Brian Jones,Pete Townshend, The Beatles...and things just snow balled from there and Jimi became the new Guitar God.And hello fame and fortune nice to meet you.

The Jimi Hendrix guitar playing style also had him known for his amazing guitar tricks. Playing guitar with his teeth...ouch! ...and behind his back...ouch again!...and playing with only his right fretting hand...ever heard of the words carpal tunnel syndrome Jimi?...and playing between his legs...ouch! my aching back with all these different positions. But lets talk some about the legacy of some of the “Jimi Hendrix Experience” songs. Listen to his gorgeous song “Little Wing” a beautiful piece of guitar work where he throws in these great 2 note hammer on licks all over the place another example of these 2 note hammer on licks would be the guitar solo in the middle of “The Wind Cries Mary” in the key of F.

He starts the solo off with 2 note hammer on licks that he repeats as the theme. The 1st finger holding down the 1st and 2nd strings or C and F notes at the 13 fret...hammer on the D note with your 3rd finger at the 15th fret 2nd put the 1st finger on the G note 12th fret 3rd string....and the 2nd finger on the C note at the 13th fret 2nd string hold those fingers down in that shape and hammer on and pull off on the A note 3rd string 14th fret Hold down that form and hit the F note on the 4th string 15th fret with the 4th finger.

And another tip for you aspiring guitar players,and this is just my opinion.Don't go out and waste your money on guitar sheet music and guitar music books that”ll claim to teach you Jimi Hendrix songs.Some of them aren't very well done and they won't show you all the intricacies of his playing style.It's best to watch videos for that.

The same holds true for some of the free easy guitar music on the internet. But on the other hand the internet also has some excellent guitar teaching material. And you can find great Jimi Hendrix teaching material on there. There's so much that you'll have to distinguish for yourself what's good.

So if you want to learn Hendrix,and you should want to learn his stuff because as a serious musician his style should definetely be in your studies.So immerse yourself in all things Hendrix....but you don't have to grow the Afro or start wearing 1960's cheesy clothing,or start playing the guitar behind your back or with your teeth... unless of course you know of a good dentist.

Back to the Jimi Hendrix guitar style. His main axe was a right-handed stratocaster turned upside down for left-handed playing and restrung so the heavier strings were in their standard position at the top of the neck.

He also played Fender Jazzmaster,Jaquars,Telecaster,Gibson SG's,Flying Vs, and for amplication he started of using Fender and Vox and then switched to Marshall.

The Jimi Hendrix guitar style has influenced and been imitated by countless musicians. And just about every major guitarist cite him as an influence....and that includes Slim all know who he is...right? His guitar style and musical voice are totally unique.Jimi was great,one of my favorites.

And as if his playing wasn't hot enough...sometimes on stage Jimi would use lighter fluid and set his guitar on fire....OMG...don't anyone tell the Firemarshall...Hendrix was a closet pyromaniac. Maybe he learned that trick back in his early days when he played with R+B bands.

Mr.Hendrix had an amazing arsenal of guitar tricks and techniques. I don't know where he got them all from...maybe he made alot of them up but their timeless and out there in the guitar universe.He's just a real tasty player. My own personal favorite licks of his are the 2 note hammer on licks that he throws in everywhere. They sound almost like country guitar licks but then he has a way of turning them around and making them sound like R+B and rock licks. For a great sample of this listen to the ending of “The Wind Cries Mary”....oh and also don't forget “Castles in the Sand”....To hear Jimi use a tritone intro listen to “Purple Haze”... It starts with 1st finger on Bb on the 6th string 6th fret...2nd finger E on the 5th string 7th fret... 3rd finger Bb on the 4th string 8th fret and then it goes into E major riff. For the right picking hand Play the Bb with the thumb and then the other two tritone notes with the 1st and 2nd fingers right after.

The Jimi Hendrix guitar sound was also influenced and shaped by him listening to the blues of B.B.King and Muddy Waters.

Jimi received his first guitar when he was 15 years old and was known to practice constantly,almost like the guitar body and his body were one and the same.At this young age is where the Jimi Hendrix guitar playing style had it's roots and beginnings.He also received guitar tips from more experienced players and also watched other guitarists.

Jimi Hendrix was born in Seattle,Washington in 1942 and died in London,England in 1970. Return From Jimi Hendrix Guitar to Electric-Guitar-Junkie Home