Jerry Reed Super Multi talented Acoustic Guitar Player And Hollywood Movie Star!

Jerry Reed was born on Mar 20,1937 in Atlanta,Georgia,USA, and he died in 2008.

JR is also one of the few guitarists to receive The CGP award from Chet Atkins. And these 2 men also recorded a couple of albums together. Chet has also stated that he thought Jerry was a better fingerpicker than him.

JR always downplayed that saying he thought himself more of a songwriter than a guitar player.

But if you listen to JR play guitar he's scary. He's so fast accurate and clean when he plays those 2 and 3 note guitar banjo rolls, rapid-fire open string licks, beautiful melodic runs,doublestops, everything but the kitchen sink is in there. When you watch that thumb pick that Jerry Reed uses and those fingers moving at 100 mph you'll see what I mean by scary.

JR songs featured more guitar tricks than you could shake a stick at. JR was an amazing,incredible player and songwriter.

Listen to JR Youtube to “Jerry's Breakdown” he plays an amazing array of open string licks and open string chords all played at a 100 mph. A guitar player could probably spend 6 months trying to figure all those licks out on this song,and loose lots of hair and brain cells in the process.

How did JR get so good on the guitar? He started playing guitar as a young child. And was influenced by fingerpickers “Merle Travis and Chet Atkins.” And he also had an affinity for the “Les Paul Style.” When he started high school he was already writing original songs and singing.

JR wrote in the style of country and rockabilly songs,but his career really took off when “Brenda Lee” recorded his song “That's All you Got To Do.”

So now JR was becoming well known as a hot session guitarist and songwriter. Heck...even Elvis knew about JR and wound up recording JR's song “Guitar Man” in which JR played guitar on the recording session with “The King of Rock n' Roll.” How cool is that to play guitar for Elvis,huh? Elvis also recorded “U.S. Male and “Big Boss Man” both by JR.

As well as Jerry Reed Music there's also JR movies and his acting career. Films like “Smoky And The Bandit.”(All 3 of them) in which Jerry co-starred with “Burt Reynolds”...and don't get that confused with the parrot Bird Reynolds... that's different.

Jerry Reed also wrote the theme song for that movie, which was “Eastbound And Down.” a huge hit in a huge movie. Other song hits for JR were “Amos Moses,” “When You're Hot,You're Hot, “The Bird,” “She Got The Goldmine,” etc...

He also appeared with his friend Burt Reynolds in the films, “Gator,” and “W.W. And the Dixie Dancekings.” Heck...JR even acted with “Gene Hackman” JR worked with a lot of big name movie stars.

Let's get back to the incredible guitar playing style of JR. It's really hard to pindown JR's guitar style you could get rock,country ,cajun,

funk, even some classical just never I said

everything but the kitchen sink. If any of you guitarists out there want a real challenge,and are suckers for punishment...just joking guys. You could try and work up the Jerry Reed guitar instrumental called “The Claw.”

This will be a challenging piece of Jerry Reed music to work up. If you really want to immerse yourself in the JR style you could get his music on CD's,DVD's or MP3.

JR has also played electric steel string guitars,such as the Fender Telecaster guitar,but he always said that he played so hard that he was always ripping his nails off on the steel strings. So playing the acoustic with gut and nylon strings kind of became his trademark sound.

So to wrap this discussion up there is a very short instruction video at the bottom of this page,that briefly touches on some of the guitar techniques of JR. If you want a real detailed-in depth analysis of the JR style. You could get the Jerry Reed tabs by John Knowles or Craig dobbins.

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