Angus Young Guitar Sounds Have Put AC/DC "Back In Black" a Thousand Fold.

Ah Yes....The Angus Young Guitar sound and his famous Gibson SG guitar and don't forget the schoolboy uniform....Gosh that uniform must be getting kinda stinky by now...hope he has more than one.

AC/DC were formed in Australia in 1973 and are I think are the 3rd largest music selling act of all time, Yep...just behind The Beatles and Pink Floyd...unbelievable...They've won all kinds of music awards and accolades...and influenced all sorts of famous bands...Eddie Van Halen loves them as do many other famous rock guitarists and bands,you can see the world wide influence the Angus Young guitar sound has had on other musicians.

Angus and Malcolm Young the lead and rhytmn guitar players were born in Glasgow,Scotland as was deceased former AC/DC lead singer Bon Scott...notice I said deceased....not disgraced...because Bon was a great rock singer and showman....and now they have the elastic vocal chords of Brian Johnson I ever tried to sing like him...everything would break...I'd never be able to speak again... It would be awful quiet around the house here though.....OK...back to Angus,Malcolm,and Bon...they all emigrated from Scotland to Australia at an early age...and the rest as they say is history.

Angus Young plays lead guitar for the band AC/DC and just rocks his ass fellow guitar pickers if you want to hear rock and nothing but rock,then, listen to AC/DC and Angus they are the epitome of that genre...Geez...epitome...that's a pretty fancy word hope I used it correctly.

Besides being an ace guitarist in hard rock and blues the Angus Young guitar stylings are also the driving force behind the AC/DC sound because along with Malcolm he is also the main songwriter.... You've all heard his rock anthems like...”Highway to Hell,Thunder struck,You Shook Me All Night Long, Hells Bells,Back in Black”etc...all rock radio staples....and yes Mr.Young can keep himself duded-up in lots of schoolboy uniforms with the songwriting royalties from these rock hits. You could probably throw in a few mansions and fancy cars in that list problem, since AC/DC are one of the highest money grossing bands in the world...notice I didn't say money-grubbing.

The Angus Young guitar sound is amazing,he's one of the best guitar players in the business. He plays great well-thought out rock guitar hooks and solos that just grab you right by the balls. Angus knows all the guitar technique tricks...the unison string bends,pull-offs,vibrato,slurs,etc... and probably a few he invented himself.

Angus specializes in playing power-chords,doublestops,etc...and one of his favorite guitar tricks is the use of the open-string pull-off played totally with the left-fretting hand

A great example of this Angus Young guitar sound trick is the open string pull-off guitar technique in the intro to “Thunder Struck.” It”s played all on the open-B don't pick with the right hand at all until later in the song.Here's how you do it...

Go to the 2nd or open B string...use only your left-fretting hand...1st finger hammers on and pulls-off the Eb note at the 4th fret 2nd the open B string then the ...4th finger hammer on and pull-off the F# note at the 7th fret to the open B string or 2nd string repeat move the entire sequence up 1 you're hammering on and pulling off on the 8ht and 5th fret of the 2nd string to the open B string.That's just the basic intro then he goes up to the 12th fret 2nd string and pulls off from there to the open B string then to other fretted notes followed by the open B string etc...

The Angus Young guitar sound was influenced by many players...the main ones being,George Harrison, Peter Frampton,Keith Richards,B.B.King,Buddy Guy, and various other Blues players...So if you want to sound like Angus Young just copy him and all these other players...oh...and don't forget the schoolboy uniform,with the tie,and the shoes when you play guitar anywhere...I know that when I get my Gibson SG Guitar out and put on my schoolboy uniform....for some strange reason my girlfriend refuses to go out with me....I don't know what's wrong with her...Maybe she doesn't like Gibson Guitars.

And of course Angus Young plays his famous Gibson SG Guitar...and no...he has never played the $99.00 Sears model as far as I know....He plays Gibson SG's and has several models named after him by the Gibson Guitar Coorporation,and his Amplifier choice is usually a Marshall 100 watt Super Lead Plexi. besides being an incredible guitarist Angus Young is also a fantastic showman on stage. He even acts like a schoolboy with that uniform on. He runs back and forth across the stage,does the famous Chuck Berry Duckwalk, has fake spasms,does a thing called “The Bob” which is a rhytmic head movement he does while's pretty funny...Man...he has more fun playing that Gibson Sg guitar of his than you can believe. And plus he's making $ Millions of Dollars while doing it...and that's no schoolboy prank.

So the Angus Young guitar stylings are a must study for any aspiring young hard rock guitarists out there This man is a master rocker so start listening to and copying his guitar'll learn a ton of guitar goodies from him...and then maybe one day you'll have a Gibson SG and a schoolboy uniform. Return From Angus Young Guitar to Electric-Guitar-Junkie Home